About MisterScotti

Who is MisterScotti, what is he doing and why the hell is he called MisterScotti? First of all, I just disclosed that MisterScotti, me, is a he. 🙂 This blog is evidently just a spare time occupation that has started with the road trip across the United States from April to July 2015. I enjoy writing these articles and making some videos because it is a very good channel to express creativity and share information one might be looking for. That said I’m not pretending to be particularly creative. I believe it’s part of the generation Y mentality to do stuff one is passionate about and to share it with others. Just ask yourself how many times you just typed in a couple of keywords in your search engine and got the answer from some person who just shared their experience on a website or a youtube video? See, that’s the cool thing about this day and age. Whatever information you need, it’s out there somewhere in the wide open space of the Internet. My intentions are two keep posting articles about places I visit and things I do, but more on that later. First I want to generate some more content.

James Doohan as Montgomery Scott (Scotty) on Star Trek
James Doohan as Montgomery Scott (Scotty) on Star Trek

But hey, I almost forgot why I called this website “MisterScotti.com”. Well, MisterScotti has often been my nickname for online gaming, blogs and of course nowadays also my own blog and my Youtube channel. The origins of it are to be found in the Star Trek sage of Gene Roddenberry, which began with a TV series in 1966 and has evolved in numerous motion pictures and additional TV series. As a teenager I was fascinated about the Star Trek universe. Some people are Star Wars people, and some are ‘Trekkies‘. I was and still am a Trekky. 😀 One of the main characters of the original crew was Montgomery Scott. The character was indeed Scottish, but the actor, James Doohan, was Canadian. Captain Kirk aka William Shatner either called him “Mister Scott” or “Scotty”. Mixing both together and putting an “i” in place of the “y” resulted in “MisterScotti”. And that’s how MisterScotti was born a long time ago, in 1999.

Live long and prosper…

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