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Goodbye United States

Flag of the United States of America
Flag of the United States of America

This is it, as I got out of my UBER taxi and took a last glance at the US flag I knew it was time. Time to fly home, time to embark on the SWISS Airbus 340-300 “Stans” that would fly me back to the old continent, to the small country that is Switzerland, the Confoederatio Helvetica, all the way to Zurich Airport in Kloten. Goodbye United States, it was an epic coast to coast trip from my favorite and busy city New York, where the air smells of Sabrett hot dogs, subway trains and all kinds of “my life is sooo busy” things to the more laid back Los Angeles, the city of angels, where the air smells of showbusiness and traffic jams.

SWISS Airbus A340-300
SWISS Airbus A340-300 “Stans”

It was time to get back to beautiful, rural, if sometimes a little bit conservative Switzerland. 🙂

Altnau, Thurgau, Switzerland
Altnau, Thurgau, Switzerland
Little Captiva enjoying the shore at the Lake of Constance in Altnau, Thurgau, Switzerland
Little Captiva enjoying the shore at the Lake Constance in Altnau, Thurgau, Switzerland

Home. Home? Yes, in the small town of Altnau, where the sun had been showing itself just as much as in Los Angeles. Isn’t that great?! With the water of the Lake Constance beeing more than warm enough to go swimming at any time of the day, I find asking myself “Why did I ever leave??”. Haha! It’s a wonderful place, but it’s good to get out and discover new parts and people of the world every once in a while…trust me.

So, home sweet home, home sweet family, home sweet friends! But their privacy shall remain intact 😀 But there is also home sweet car! One of my sisters was so kind as to use it every now and then during my USA trip. 117 km since April… That could only mean that a joyride in my RCZ was well overdue:

Hold on a second, isn’t there something I forgot?! Ahh yes, my faithful little yellow Captiva! As a tribute to its endurance and companionship, I made this short video showing every single picture it. The great escape from New York City to Los Angeles and back home:

It looks like I have arrived at the end of this blog, right? There are still a few videos from different places in the US that are in the making and which I will upload to Youtube and embed on the respective blog pages. So don’t go away and never visit this page again, just yet. 😉 If you’re too lazy to check the pages by yourself I’ll let you know when I’m done. 😀

That said, I very much enjoyed writing this blog, which is why I will most likely keep this page alive and continue feeding it with different contents. Stay tuned! 🙂

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